Medical technology is indispensable to people’s health and improved quality of life. It also contributes billions of dollars to the economy. There are many benefits that innovative technology brings to the table when it comes to healthcare. Advancements in healthcare technology have contributed to improvements in healthcare delivery including patient registration, Patient Management System, Patient Billing system, electronic health records, Pharmacy lab-tests, patient health monitoring tools which shows alerts, medications, vital signs, past medical history, immunizations, laboratory data and radiology reports and more. Wireless communication advancement has benefitted healthcare immensely. Its reach has enabled seamless communication between physicians, patients and clinical care teams. Widespread adoption of electronic health records has resulted in significant savings in health care costs as well as improved patient health and safety. In more and more healthcare facilities, patient files are Stored in secure Databases that can be accessed from anywhere in the facility. Datacenters and Cloud computing has made accessibility easy.

HIPAA was enacted over 15 years ago, much has changed ever since within the healthcare field and how patient information is shared. As technology advances, new regulations are emerging with it. Safeguarding the privacy, storing and securing the Patient’s data in this evolving Digital era has become top priority and is driving technology companies to develop tools and Products that enhances Data Security.

This is where Plexus Hub an information technology Services and Solutions Company committed to our  customer’s long term business growth and success will add value by bringing in experts who have years of experience to assess your business environment and needs to tailor right solution that fits your business needs and addresses current and future needs. We Customize solutions and services and have flexible working model to adapt to changing and growing business needs of our customers. With over 50 years of combined experience, we are capable to deliver Services and solutions in the areas of , Application Development &  Maintenance, Software QA & Testing Services, and Managed Services, Cloud computing, Virtualization, Collaborative solutions and IT Workforce Solutions. Complementing our Services and Solution capabilities, we also are supplier of IT Hardware, Software, high technology computer products (Server, Storage, and  Networking), and Components from reputed manufacturers at aggressively competitive prices to keep your  costs lower with tremendous Return on Investment and Reduced Total Cost of Ownership ( TCO)

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